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baidu browser

Baidu Browser (previously Baidu Spark Browser) relies on Chromium, the same engine that runs Google Chrome. Although Baidu Browser includes a typical layout, it will have some nice features like changeable skins and a fantastic user interface.The app has wonderful integration with Facebook in addition to features such as downloading videos, screenshot catch, torrent download, start downloads boss, and accounts security.
One useful feature is that the sidebar. This provides you with rapid access to bookmarks and downloads, a zoom function to expand or shrink the page, and a widget to get Facebook. The very cool feature, however, is the capability to use gestures using the mouse to accomplish certain activities, like shutting or opening a new tab or even browsing backward and forwards. The drawback is you can not create new icons that are customized.Baidu browser free download latest is available on official websites


Baidu Browser Key features include:

  • Media Downloader.
  • Browser Doctor.
  • Full-Page Screenshots.
  • Mouse Gestures.
  • Account Syncing.

Baidu Browser also includes some great security features. It includes an integrated virus scanner and an adware block. There’s also an excess role, which prevents additional apps from changing your current security and privacy preferences.

Benefits of Baidu Browser

Total, Baidu Browser is an excellent looking browser using a few cool features like the gesture controllers and media downloader. The installation is quite like Chrome and also the Facebook integration functions nicely. A sidebar is also a helpful tool which is not too intrusive.
This is only one of those first comers from the computer browser sector which has remained relevant through recent years. Even though the user base of this browser is extremely localized, it holds firmly into an addicted quad-core user base from China.

baidu browser

The current version of the browser gifts customizable tiles of popular and recently surfaced websites on the home page that provides the users one click to favorite websites. Also, the user may pick from different skins to personalize the appearance and feel of the browser just how you desire.

Aside from the above mentioned, the browser includes many distinctive features which make it popular amongst its users. It’s an inbuilt torrent search feature that enables the user to download and profile interesting videos and sound through social media download tool, an in-built media player and a lot more.
Its rapid speed that implements link clicks quicker and leaves page faster is an attribute of this Spark proprietary kernel which eases a quick response to every control on the browser.
Baidu Browser is licensed as freeware for either PC or notebook with Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating system. It’s in browsers class and can be available to all software users as a free download.
F you choose Chrome, add a few fascinating features and enhance the plan, the outcome will be Baidu Browser.
The software contains a sidebar, which provides you rapid access to bookmarks and downloads, a zoom function for expanding or diminishing the pages, along with a Facebook widget, which lets you acquire a real-time look in your social flow.

Baidu Browser lets you use gestures using the mouse to perform particular tasks, like altering, shutting or opening a new tab, or moving backward and forward. There are scores of expressions, all clarified in the Tools segment within Preferences. You can not, however, make new icons that are customized.